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While the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc and hysteria across the globe, the epidemic has accelerated the deployment of remote-working to such an extent that many businesses may never look back.

“What has changed in the last few weeks is that working remotely is no longer a work-life balance argument, or a nice-to-have, it is now a question of business continuity,” says Daniella Weigner, owner, Cinegy. “Crisis is forcing change right now. This is a catalyst. It is also a major opportunity to get change done.”

Teleworking and online collaboration has skyrocketed in China. And Europe will follow.

“A Graphic Recorder could sit at home and join online meetups live and share in realtime the visual notes . That result could be passed to a control room for wider channel distribution. The whole environment can be virtualized. We believe this is the future.” Look here for our solution for Graphic Recording during Virtual Events.

The new normal

“Remote and cloud-based workflows are now of absolute importance and should therefore be top-of-mind at board level,”

“In normal times, the hardest thing is to convince people to change their behavior. Even when you say that 30% of production costs is travel and that remote working can improve your productivity, some people just don’t want to know. They will only change when pushed. This is the opportunity to prove you can do a lot of this remotely. People will always have a reason to travel – you need to get everyone onto the same stage – but you don’t need to live in Atlanta adjacent to the set for nine months just to post a show.”

We expect the impact on business to be huge and as a result, we will see more home working. “Efficiency will become more critical and lead to a permanent shift to this new way of working.”

Workflows that free staff to focus on higher-impact creative tasks are compelling, allowing companies to leverage the best talent – wherever they are in the world.”

Source: IBC/ The Visual Communication Company

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