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Example of Online Graphic Recording by Henk Wijnands

Online Graphic Recording

In the last months the profession of Graphic Recording was disrupted. Mostly Graphic Recorders work live on location. Since March 2020 all events where cancelled for months and in between limited to small groups. This forced the event industrie, including Graphic Recorders, to re-think their businessmodel and approach.

The Visual Communication Company was already used to work digital, never the less the growing number of  virtual virtual meetings required a change for the company: turning the office to a true studio to support our customers with online Graphic Recording.

Green screens, multiple camera’s, virtual camera’s, video lights, microfoons, document camera’s and several setups where necessary. Also finding out which platforms supports what technology.

The Visual Communication Company also tested apps like Mural (for collaboration) and the mmhmm App (virtual cam) in an early stage.

New opportunities popped up as well, like creating cool templates for online collaboration platforms like Mural, Miro,Google Jamboard and Padlet.

The pictures below are showing some samples and how a typical studio for online Graphic Recorders can look. A studio like this is an essential part for professional Online Graphic Reorders to optimize their customers in this virtual world.

Advantages of Online Graphic Recording

Ofcourse the Online Graphic Recording offers advantages like:

  • better for the climate
  • no travel required
  • online meetings are more intens as meetings on location and the attendees have a need for a clear summary
  • the meetings become memorable
  • and the visuals are easy to share
  • the graphic recordings are built up in a way that the story can be explained in an easy and effective way

Online Graphic Recording makes a different approach possible

Finally The Visual Communication Company switched their pricing model for virtual meetings from a daily rate to hourly rates, so that it is easy for customers to have an Online Graphic Recorder joining their meetings and events.

Online Graphic Recording for Virtual Meetings

What the audience can see

The result of online graphic recording shown to the customer by Henk Wijnands
Online Graphic Recording by Henk Wijnands during TEKOM

And what they do not see during Online Graphic Recording

Our office turned into a studio.

Online Graphic Recorder behind the scenes

Green screens, multiple camera’s, virtual camera’s, video lights, microfoons, document camera’s and several setups are possible. The options that we can offer depends on the video communication platform you work with. Since technology changes every day we reccomend to do a Tech Check before each event.

Want to know more about Online Graphic Recording? Feel free to contact us!

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