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Graphic Recording: visualize and clarify

Are you looking for a creative way to keep everyone engaged during your meeting? A way to make complex ideas clear and eliminate confusion.  Use the power of visual language for group collaboration. Digital or on a Graphic Wall.

Graphic recording is extremely powerful for:


Strategic visioning & roadmap

Project planning

Team building

Focus groups

GRAPHIC RECORDING Turns information into understanding

Graphic Recording is a technique of visually capturing ideas and concepts in real-time during a meeting, presentation, or event. It involves creating a large-scale illustration on a wall, whiteboard, or digital platform that represents the key ideas, themes, and discussions that are happening during the session.

The graphic recorder listens to the conversation and uses a combination of text, symbols, images, and colors to create a visual summary of what is being said. This helps to engage participants, reinforce key messages, and provide a memorable record of the event. Graphic Recording is often used in settings such as conferences, workshops, brainstorming sessions, and team meetings to facilitate communication, promote understanding, and encourage creativity.


 Graphic Recording from London to Berlin, from Paris to Dubai

The Visual Communication Company works with innovative companies spread over 4 continents. We support leadership teams, facilitators and consultants for the best results. With Graphic Recording on a wall of paper or digital on a big screen we create the big picture with and for you. 

Graphic recording in Three languages

As Graphic Recorders we support you in at least 3 languages. English, German and Dutch. In case you need other languages? We have an extended network of Graphic Recorders all over the world that we can connect. We are also part of the managing team of the community European Visual Practioners.


We do graphic recording in the way you like it most and the way that it has the most impact. Since travelling is restricted Online Graphic Recording is quickly finding its way to the market.Eachway of working has it own advantages. Let’s talk together what would be the best way to do the Graphic Recording for your event.

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