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The Visual Communication Company

The Visual Communication Company works with innovative companies spread over 4 continents. We support leadership teams, facilitators and consultants for the best results.

We do this by delivering the following services :

  • Visual Pitching: to convince potential customers and investors
  • Graphic Recording: to create the big picture
  • Graphic Facilitation: to accelerate (change) processes
  • Visual Consultancy: to open new perspectives
  • Workshop Visual Selling: re-think your business
  • Whiteboard animations: tell your story or explain by hand drawn video’s

Companies rely on our advice and use our drawings to communicate clearly about strategy and new ideas, become creative problem solvers who work better together, as well as expansive connectors of generative ideas and new possibilities.

Henk Wijnands

After a successful career as a board member of internationally operating companies in several industries and a Master’s Degree in Visual Thinking and Graphic Facilitation, Henk Wijnands created the Visual Communication Company in 2017.

Today with his Visual Communication Company team, he helps companies to design their strategy, optimize their way of functioning and communicating by combining the right and left side of the brain. His secret weapon is the pen, as a visual consultant, a graphic recorder encountered with an extensive sales, marketing and management specialist.

Henk works in  three languages: English, Dutch and German. He has experience in sustainability, IT, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Oil and Gas, TechDoc and Software.

Currently he is working on the books “ How to become a world class leader in 20 minutes”.

Introduction Karl Mortier- The Visual Communication Company

Claudia Unseld

Claudia Unseld is a former director of an international top 10 Translation Agency and currently working at the Sorbonne Université as an Organizational Consultant and Graphic Facilitator. Today she also supports The Visual Communication Company  by providing organizational advise, creating a sustainable network with suppliers, existing and « potential »  customers.

Her strength : accompany managers and teams through active listening and co-creation, to reconnect themselves with the sense of their activities. Help them to discover the DNA of their organization with the goal to create the successes of tomorrow. This in harmony with the values and culture of their organization.

Introduction Karl Mortier- The Visual Communication Company

Karl Mortier

Karl Mortier is an internationally recognized speaker, Certified NLP Master Trainer, coach, trainer, and facilitator, mastering the art of visualization. As a strategist of words and thoughts, he shares his knowledge globally. With profound knowledge as a Master Trainer in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), he helps individuals and people, teams and organizations unlock their potential. His dynamic approach and unique insights make him a true architect of change.

Karl speaks three languages: Dutch, French and English.

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