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If in person meetings are not possible, for what ever reason, you can fall back on our online meeting solutions..

The advantage of online meetings

  • Work truly global at local costs
  • Working in a safe enviroment during uncertain situations
  • Solution in case travel is not allowed or for urgent meetings necessary on short notice
  • To create a more sustainable world

The Visual Communication Company host online meetings on the ZOOM platform, including live digital Graphic Recording in multiple languages, Including recording of the meetings.


With ZOOM we offer a platform where we can host meetings up to 100 people and more. You even have the possibility to work in subgroups. The platform also allows that we do Graphic Recording live during the meeting so your audience can see the big picture growing . Ofcourse we respect your IT guidelines and we  can work with your IT approved inter-company tool.


As an extra we can create a short version of the meeting by creating a video explanation based on the Graphic Recording. Our Graphic Recorder will present a summary of the most important points of the meeting that you can share via mail, intranet or even YouTube. We use Green Screen Technolgy to combine the speaker and the Visual Notes in a dynamic way.

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